About us

About us:

Hareer is an Ecommerce Platform aims to connect the wholesale to the retailers and open a new business opportunities. We serve in both the local and international market by connecting the Local Saudi factories international market.


    Based on the decision of His Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman to strengthen the Saudi industry, we at Hareer are ready to support and  work with the leader of the kingdom to strengthen the Saudi economy by supporting Saudi merchants, supporting "Made In Saudi Arabia


Our services: 

    Supporting the Saudi industry from various sectors to increase sales, enhance the Kingdom’s economy, and market industries locally and globally through innovative and modern methods, through which we allow manufacturers to establish their own stores in a unified market that includes all local industries, through which they can  fully control all aspect of the store , Harrer handle's the marketing  and the intergration with the payment gateway, in addition Hareer provides delivery service to the retailer. Giving the retailers the opportunity to market their store and its products through the social media's of the Hareer platform. 


Our vision:  

  We seek to be the first partner for the suppliers "wholesalers" by marketing their products to reach both the local and international retailers. 

How do we operate:

  We serve in our platform two categories of target groups, Suppliers and Retailers, where we work on displaying the goods and products of suppliers within a special section for each supplier so that the products are presented in a way that is easy to obtain by retailers