Frequently asked questions

Q: What's Hareer?

A: Hareer is an Ecommerce Platform aims to connect the wholesale to the retailers and open a new business opportunities. We serve in both the local and international market by connecting the Local Saudi factories international market.

Q: So, what’s  the catch ?


No catch! We believe that the Shop Local movement is the best way to build local economies and thriving communities. Local retail is on the rise, with smaller shops competing more and more with the big-box giants. We aim to be a partner to those independent retailers and emerging and established makers by helping level the playing field with our technology, tools, and common-sense terms 


Q: Minimum Order Quantity ?

A: Brands specify the minimum order that retailers must reach in order to purchase from them. If the application does not meet the minimum requirements for the trademark, you will not be able to submit it for processing. Brands also have the option to set different minimums for first orders and re-orders..

Q: How does Hareer select Wholesalers?

A: From quirky stationery to women’s apparel, from pet gear to gourmet gifts, we’re always looking for makers who have unique products that your customers will love. Today, the makers selling on our marketplace are based largely on recommendations from our retail partners.