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How do we operate

We serve in our platform two categories of target groups, Suppliers and Retailers, where we work on displaying the goods and products of suppliers within a special section for each supplier so that the products are presented in a way that is easy to obtain by retailers

How do we operate

information about us :

Harir is the largest B2B electronic platform that provides innovative solutions in the field of trade and supply from the main supplier in various countries of the world to retailers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so that suppliers display their products and set their prices periodically and market them, to help our customers follow the market and watch the latest offers and demand Immediate tracking of order status through the electronic Harir platform.

Harir works with the e-commerce system to enhance the Saudi industry by linking Saudi factories with retailers in modern electronic ways that facilitate access locally and internationally. This method prevents you from storing your products in stores that are waiting for sale, and is an ideal solution for those who want to display, buy and sell their products online.


  Our goal  :

Keeping pace with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 and keeping pace with the stories and the path of success to achieve the ambition to reach the top and be helpful and supportive of the commercial and industrial sectors and the economy of the Kingdom and support Saudi factories to diversify marketing methods for the local industry through a modern and advanced electronic platform that works to connect the two parties of traders and manufacturers and integrate them into the labor market and provide The opportunity for them to market their products of all kinds and to enable them to increase their sales and develop the local Saudi industry and sell them globally through the electronic silk market.

Based on the decision of His Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman to strengthen the Saudi industry, we at Harir are ready to support and strengthen the Saudi economy by supporting Saudi merchants, supporting their products locally and internationally, and assisting in the effective marketing of these industries.


 Our services:

 Supporting the Saudi industry from various sectors to increase sales, enhance the Kingdom’s economy, and market industries locally and globally with modern and innovative methods, through which we grant manufacturers to create their own stores in a unified market that includes all local industries, through which they can display and price their products according to their desire and have complete control over the store by the owner of the product And where the purchase, agreement and payment are made electronically from within the Harir platform, which provides complete security for both parties and preserves their rights. Supporting retailers by providing them with all supply sectors within the Harir site in an organized and clear manner, in addition to providing delivery service to the seller. Providing the opportunity for the retailer to market its store and its products through the social media platforms of the Harir platform.


 Our vision:

We seek to be the first partner to supply wholesalers and emerging projects, to support them and provide them with the supply effort How we work: We host in our platform two categories of target groups, namely: suppliers and retailers, where we work to display suppliers’ goods and products within a special section for each supplier so that the products are displayed in an easy way Get it to retailers.

Mechanism of Action :

What Harir offers to both supplier and retailer when registering on the Harir website

the supplier:

Online store: We give you your own online store on the site through which your products are promoted in a sophisticated electronic way that is easily accessible by the retailer.

Manage your store: We help you manage your account and financial bills and reduce your total costs.

Marketing Consultant: We provide you with an expert in your field to help you make marketing decisions and effectively promote your store through social media platforms


All suppliers in one place: we have collected for you the best suppliers with major brands so that you can shop for your store comfortably and safely and choose the supplier that suits you

Delivery Service:

The ability to deliver your orders to your doorstep

Safe and reliable payment:

We guarantee all your rights and are registered electronically and reviewed when needed